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Providing help with all Math, including

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Test Prep for SAT, ACT, and GRE

since 1995

curriculum vitae

James Lowdermilk

Mathematician / Teacher / Tutor


BA Applied Mathematics Colorado State University, 1990

MA Applied Mathematics University of Montana, 1993

                                Thesis: “Pyramids and Whirlpools: Mathematical Models of Pyramid Building Techniques”


February 1994–December 1994: Land Info Inc. – Computer mapping/scanning/programming

March 1995 – present: Mathemagician Tutoring – Owner/operator

Fall 1998 – Fall 2009: Arapahoe Community College – Adjunct teaching including:

Preliminary Mathematics – Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide/Fractions/Decimals

Finite Mathematics               Intermediate Algebra           College Algebra

Trigonometry                           Calculus

March 1999: Ancient Egypt Research Associates – Ground Penetrating Radar in Giza, Egypt

2008–2009: Vice President of Egyptian Study Society

2010–2011: President of Egyptian Study Society

2012–present: Member-at-Large on Board of Egyptian Study Society


Published in the Ostracon: Journal of the Egyptian Study Society

The Monuments of Sneferu: The Bend in the Bent Pyramid and The Collapse of the Meydum Pyramid, Spring 1999, volume 9, number 4

The Inner-workings of the Egyptian Civil Calendar, Summer 2000, volume 11, number 2

Unit Fractions Inception and Use, Summer 2003, vol. 14, number 2

The Phoenix and the Benben: The Start of the Egyptian Calendar as the First Time, Summer 2007, volume 18, number 1

Year Counts in the Egyptian Calendar, Winter 2012, volume 22, number 1


University of Montana Dept. of Mathematics, December 9, 1993: “Pyramids and Whirlpools: Mathematical Models of Pyramid Building Techniques”

Egyptian Study Society (ESS), February 22, 1994: “Pyramids and Whirlpools: Mathematical Models of Pyramid Building Techniques”

ESS, July 21, 1998: “Egyptian Mathematics: A Search for Early Mathematicians”

American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) annual conference, April 23, 1999: “Calendrics and the Egyptian Unit Fraction”

ESS, October 19, 1999: “Libraries and Study in Ancient Egypt”

Arapahoe Community College, May 18, 2000: “Writing and Mathematics: The Chicken or the Egg”

ARCE annual conference, April 28, 2001: “A Commentary on the Study of Ancient Egyptian Mathematics”

ESS, October 15, 2001: “Sacred Knowledge”

ARCE annual conference, April 23, 2005: “The Development of the Egyptian Civil Calendar and its Effects on Society”

ESS, October 16, 2006: “On the Egyptian Calendar “

Mathematical Association of America, April 19, 2009: “From Pebbles to Precession”

ESS, June 16, 2008: “Greek Philosophers in Egypt”

ESS, February 16, 2010: “How to Create the 365-day Calendar”

ESS, November 19, 2012: “The Egyptian Calendar: A Simple Timeline”


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